Jett West
Although West claims to have hatched from an egg sometime in the mid-1800's, all evidence seems to indicate that he was born in the seventies, and raised in the Southern United States.
The information available on who, or what, raised him, however, depends on who is asked.
Generally, he writes within the horror genre, but occasionally strays into drama and sci-fi.
Not much more can be found at but he welcomes you to visit anyway.




  Tony Gschwend
Tony left Guam in the late 70's on a journey to see and experience the many things this world has to offer. When children popped into his life he made a pitstop (20plus years and counting) in Arkansas to raise his family. The movie making experience was a good one and the gray haired old hippie is itching to do that again, but late in the evening you will often find him listening to that ever familiar call of the world, and prepairing for the next great adventure.



  Shelia Stanfield
2001 was a pivotal year for Shelia. After years of meandering through college due to Indecisiveness of a major, with some exhorting from an intimate, she finally settled on a Particular discipline of study - Theatre Arts. The prudence of her decision was immediate. Unlike any semester before, that Fall she matriculated with an objective which metamorphosed into passion upon auditioning and being cast in the lead role of her very first play. Since there is so much artistic landscape left to be traversed, at this stage, it would be premature to say the rest is history.

For Sheliasí artistic endeavors, please visit:

  Wain Bradley
Following years as a singer/songwriter/musician with major record labels, Wain went on to a new career of Emmy nominated documentaries and Addy awards for advertising as a video editor/Sound Designer/audio engineer. Receiving the film after shooting was complete, he added the necessary music and sfx ambiance to complete the story. Some of the scenes shot were totally without sound so complete environments had to be composited. It was a great experience as Jett and Tony worked closely as the final mix came together. "Being given artistic freedom to construct the audio was a rare treat in the production world" said Wain...



  David Prince
David Prince grew up in a small town in New England before moving to Arkansas to work as a house-mate for elderly women. For a while, his days and nights were spent taking care of these women physically and emotionally, but he also found time in his busy schedule for his hobby of making prosthetics, focusing primarily on toes. ďSometimes people donít need a whole leg, just a toe,Ē he said in an interview.
Although his toe prosthetics never caught on, through his work he met Gschwend and West, and they convinced him to give acting a try. The success of the first feature he was involved in, The Devil Lives In Hot Springs, has caused him to re-consider his options, which now include acting. ďIíll never give up working on the first bionic big toe, but I think Iím going to give this acting thing a try for a while.Ē
Currently, he continues to satisfy his clients while waiting on his next movie project.



  Colleen Haley
Colleen Haley grew up in Little Rock, AR till she was 16 before moving to Bangkok, Thailand to finish high school. She is a student at Bryn Mawr College outside of Philadelphia, PA majoring in Art History specializing in Architecture and Film. She was lucky enough to chance across the awesome people of "The Devil Lives in Hot Springs" through an old friend during a year off, only half of which was spent in Arkansas. The timing was so perfect it must have been in the stars.

There are a lot more people that belong on this page. I think I may just start making up some crazy bios for them haha.


  Saturday morning. 10AM. You glance at the clock, knowing youíre thirty minutes late already.
Thatís alright. Others will be later than that.
Thereís a hundred other things you could be doing today. Need to be doing. But youíve made a commitment to be somewhere else. Doing something else.
In Greenbrier, Arkansas.
Outside, itís one hundred degrees and the heat index is even higher than that.
The voice on the television warns to stay inside.
But you canít stay inside.
In this weather where youíve been advised to stay indoors and air conditioned, you will be outside, in the hot summer August day, climbing on top of a car and getting kidnapped.

So goes the life of the Arkansas actor.
Working in conditions like these with barely the hope of recognition or pay. Definitely not pay. You donít get paid much, if at all - other than deferred payment - for being outside on days like this, but getting paid isnít really why you do it.
You do it because itís an opportunity to work on something that others will see and get into.
An opportunity to get your face onto something that someone, somewhere might see. And enjoy.
As much as you hope that an Industry Rich Person (IRP) will see it and offer millions of dollars to be in ďthe next big projectĒ, you do it even more for the experience and the chance to work on something other than the standard, limited, acting jobs that are available in the area. You do it for the chance to be in a movie, because big or small, how many people can say they act in movies?
You do it to meet others who are in the same situation you are: Working because you love the craft, or, for some, just because you like getting in front of a camera and being someone else.
The crewís the same. They come out on days like this, basically volunteers, all of them, to work on something fun and interesting. Yes, an IRP taking notice and launching a career would be great. And yes, the chance of an IRP actually seeing the completed movie is small. So small in fact that itís really nothing more than drunk talk at the wrap party.

You work on projects with new directors, different camera crews, and varying scripts. When youíre lucky, youíre working with a good script and good people who, even through all the work, help the project remain fun.
So was the case when making The devil lives in Hot Springs.

The devil lives in Hot Springs is an independent, ultra-low budget movie thatís made itís way to DVD. Itís available through the website
The movie was shot in and around Little Rock by Independent Guerilla and Little Rock actors. Although the running time of the entire DVD is just under an hour, you never feel as if youíve just seen a short film when itís over. There are so many things packed into it that you are on the edge of your seat most of the time and are ready for it to be over once the credits start rolling. Do yourself a favor though. Watch the credits. And the out takes. After watching such an intense movie, youíll want to laugh. The out takes will also let you know who we are:
Local, Arkansas actors. Having fun on a project that we wouldnít be able to enjoy if we werenít willing to commit to it and wait and see what happens.
Itís us cursing and being afraid and being mean and being someone other than ourselves.
Itís us out there on that hot August day.

We hope you enjoy it.




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