Look out for these guys! A great story that translates well to film. A must see for horror and thriller fans alike. The film is jammed packed full of detail that it will take many views to get it all in. - Kevin Y

Pertty good acting for these REDNECKS. - N.R. Hopper

With some financial backing, this movie has the potential to be a solid middle of the road indy film. It has a solid plot, good actors and the film flows smoothly. - Marquise Taylor

I have to say it was an experience, and I do recommend it for other Indie film fans or simply horror buffs like myself possibly looking for something new to check out that may hearken back to something like Last House on the Left, Scrapbook or House at the Edge of the Park. Although not as sinister or horror/exploitation focused as those films, Devil Lives in Hot Springs packs a pretty nice punch at times and deserves an audience. Read the rest of this review at roguecinema.com/article-1519--0-0.html - Rogue Cinema

Wonderful story writing, some really great shots and the surprise at the end. Love the Kane brothers. Destined to be a cult classic!! Loved it, IBAQT - IBAQT

This movie definitely kept me watching. It was suspenseful, well written and well acted and frightfully good! - Shari Hays

This movie is awesome! If you haven't seen it yet you need to buy it asap. - Ashton W.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat and I flipped out at the end. The characters were great and the movie had a Hot Springs feel! I definitely reccomend this to my friends. Watch it with the lights ON! - Felipe Buckenhacker

Good movie! Kids shouldn't see it, but otherwise it's a movie all adults should enjoy. Just when you think you've guessed how it will end, it proves you wrong. - Charlie Newcomb

This is a must have for anybodys DVD collection!!! Great movie and story - Stephen Hammonds

I enjoyed the movie a great deal. It was neat knowing one of the actresses who played a leading role. I would recommend it to friends! It wasn't very long, which is good and bad; other than that, thumbs up!!! - Tiffiny Williams

Being friends with the creators and some of the cast might make my opinion seem a little biased, but I have been a fan of Jett's writing for awhile now. I enjoyed the movie tremendously and am waiting for them to get some more of Jett's dark prose on the screen... - Kelly Griffin

I truly enjoyed this movie. It is hard to find one that captures my attention and holds it. The Devil did it ! Great story with plenty of creative, artistic, twist and surprises. The ending was not a let down like sooo many I have seen. I look forward to sharing it with friends. I think theses folks have found an additional calling..... Thanks Jett & gang for quality flick. Peace, Vee :o) - Veronica Newcomb

Hope everyone enjoys the movie as much as we enjoyed making it. - Tony G

Jett West and Tony Gschwend, the masterminds of this project, showed no fear of taking risks and set few limits for where their movie could go. With the experience of having made “The Devil Lives in Hot Springs” under their belts, I’m anxious to see what they bring us next. Read the rest of this review at www.fuelltothefire.com/?p=123 - Stewart Fuell




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